Building Code Requirements & References:

All of the following codes and ordinances may be viewed at the Community Development Department front desk.

2016 California Building Standards Code (Title 24, CA Code of Regulations) & Supplements: or

2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design:

California Green Buildings Standards Code:

All Codes and regulations may also be purchased at many booksellers and online, including the International Code Council, or Builders Booksource main store at 1817 4th Street, Berkeley or online.

Code Enforcement:

Code Enforcement responds to concerns regarding illegal construction or deterioration of buildings that affect the quality of life of nearby residents.

Following is a listing of the most common violations that can require Code Enforcement by the City.

  • Construction in violation of City noise standards
  • Inspection of potentially unsafe or unhealthy buildings
  • Construction of buildings in violation of building code or zoning standards
  • Illegal outdoor storage
  • Operation of businesses in residential districts
  • Inadequate maintenance of premises

If you notice a violation in your neighborhood, please contact the Community Development Department to report the violation. A staff member will perform a site visit and will contact the property owner in an attempt to resolve the violation. For more serious violations, the City may pursue Nuisance Abatement proceedings, which can result in legal proceedings and financial penalties against the violator.