Mike M

On behalf of the members of the Albany Police Department, thank you for stopping by to view our website. It is our hope that you can use this site to find some useful information and perhaps learn a little about the men and women who serve in our organization. Of course, this website is no substitute for personal interaction. You will find that our staff of professionals is always available and willing to assist you should you need us: we pride ourselves on our proactive policing philosophy and ongoing community engagement.

Although the role of the Albany Police Department has changed dramatically in the 100 years since Marshall Chris Miller was first appointed to perform as Police Chief, Superintendent of Streets, Tax Collector and "Poundman", our guiding philosophy has remained the same: to provide fast, effective services that help maintain our small town quality of life. In today's world this isn't always an easy goal to accomplish but in Albany we are fortunate to have strong community support for our mission.

I welcome your comments regarding our service. If you would like to speak with me about any questions or concerns you may have, please don't hesitate to call.


Mike McQuiston