Sidewalks are the foundation of an effective pedestrian network. They are critical links in the transportation network providing a range of users access to commercial districts, schools, businesses, government offices, and recreation areas. As a property owner within City of Albany, you are responsible for maintaining in good condition the curb and sidewalk that borders your property. Compromised sidewalks can be hazardous situations that run the risk of causing injury to the sidewalkuser and

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slip-and-fall lawsuits for property owners and the City. If a property owner chooses to repair the sidewalk, he/she will be required to have a licensed contractor perform the work and be responsible for obtaining City permits and proper inspection of the repair work. 

In order to improve the quality of sidewalks in Albany, the City has embarked on a new proactive approach to sidewalk condition in the City.

During the summer of 2015, the Public Works Department conducted a city-wide Sidewalk Condition Assessment. The data collected from this assessment is being used to revise policies of the Sidewalk Program.   

See Standard Specifications and Details for more information about City sidewalk standards. You can also view our Sidewalk FAQs.