The Transportation Division is responsible for the traffic operations in the city, the pedestrian and bicycle system, regional transportation activities and other transportation related projects. The Transportation Division also provides staff support for the Traffic & Safety Commission.

Within the Transportation Division section of the website, you will find access to various current projects, including the Albany Pedestrian Master Plan and the Buchanan Bicycle/ Pedestrian Path. As new transportation projects are begun, information regarding those projects will be added to this website.

You will also find information about our funding agencies, including the Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC), the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), The Safe Routes to School State Program, and Caltrans. These agencies, either through competitive or noncompetitive processes, make it possible for the City to implement projects such as the Buchanan Alternate Bicycle/Pedestrian Path under the I-80/580 freeway ramp, the ongoing Buchanan Bicycle/Pedestrian Path Design, the Ohlone Greenway realignment and lighting project, etc. 

The Alameda CTC administers Measure B funds, the sales tax for transportation purposes in Alameda County.  In addition, it administers the Vehicle Registration Fee funds approved by voters in 2012.  Measure B funds and VRF funds are used in Albany for the maintenance of streets, for the design and implementation of pedestrian and bicycle projects and programs and as a match for capital improvement grants that fund pedestrian and bicycle projects. In 2014, voters approved an extension  and augmentation of Measure B, known as Measure BB. This represents additional funding for the jurisdictions in Alameda County for the implementation of transportation projects. The Alameda CTC also serves as the manager of the  funds allocated to the Transportation Fund for Clean Air County Program (TFCA), which is a program of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District funded by 40% of the revenues from the $4 vehicle registration fee. For more information on the funds administered by Alameda CTC, please visit its website.

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) administers the Transportation Development Act (TDA) funds and other transportation funds that the City uses for grant matching for the implementation of pedestrian and bicycle facilities and active transportation programs, as well as for the implementation of signal synchronization.  Please visit MTC's website for more information.

Caltrans administers state and federal funding for transportation projects.  The City has obtained several Safe Routes to School (SR2S and SRTS) grants, Planning grants, Bicycle Transportation Account (BTA), Active Transportation Grants,  and Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) grants for the implementation of projects and programs that encourage active modes of transportation, such as the Complete Streets Plan for San Pablo Avenue and Buchanan Street, the SR2S projects for Ocean View and Marin Elementary Schools and the implementation of the Buchanan Bikeway.