The City’s Urban Forestry Program identifies trees as a valuable asset to our community. Our publicly-owned trees (trees between the sidewalk and roadway in the public right of way) can beautify neighborhoods and increase property values. Trees can also reduce noise and air pollution, keep our homes cooTree Huggerl in the summer, create privacy, and furnish homes for birds.

The City conducts pruning of street trees as needed, with priority given to any emergency pruning for clearance or other immediate needs (see Street Tree Maintenance for more info). Additionally, the City also conducts tree planting (and concrete removal if needed) as requested by homeowners (see Street Tree Planting for more info).

For tree pruning requests, please submit an online Service Request here.


Trees on private property

Trees benefit everyone, but sometimes trees can cause issues for neighbors. If the tree is a street tree, the Urban Forester should be able to find a solution. If the tree is on privately owned property, this FAQ should be able to give you some pointers on how to deal with the situation.


Cartoon of badly trimmed tree 

Cutting the top off your tree, or stubbing back limbs causes ugly, bushy, weak limbs to grow back even higher than the original branches. Proper pruning can remove excessive growth without the problems topping creates.

Topping is the worst thing you can do for the health of a tree! Topping removes most of the leaf growth which then starves the tree and makes it more susceptible to insects and disease. Topping also creates decay and promotes weakly attached branches that become hazards in the future and causes the tree to become a maintenance nightmare.

If an arborists says they will top your tree, or if they advertise tree topping, find a different arborist! Always check for Certified Arborist credentials!