In June 2006, the City of Albany committed to becoming a member of ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability and participating in the Alameda County Climate Protection Project (ACCPP). As part of the project, the City conducted a baseline Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory , set a community-wide emissions reduction target, and developed a Climate Action Plan (CAP).

Climate Action Plan

The Albany City Council adopted the Climate Action Plan (CAP) in April 2010. The CAP is comprised of polices and measures that, when implemented, will enable the City to meet its target for greenhouse gas emission reductions.


The City Council has approved an Implementation Plan for the CAP, which outlines how the City will begin the process of taking action against climate change locally.

Get Involved

Meeting the ambitious goals outlined in the CAP will take a community effort! Help contribute to the City’s sustainability initiatives contacting us for more information or signing up for our newsletter here.