On June 17, 2013, Berkeley Food and Housing Project (BFHP) was chosen by the City Council to implement:

Project HOPE: Housing Opportunities Expanded-a Homeless Outreach and Engagement Program within the City. 

Berkeley Food and Housing Project (BFHP) began providing services and activities for Albany Project HOPE, July 1, 2013. Founded in 1970, BFHP has extensive experience providing services to people who are homeless. After providing outreach, housing placement and housing retention to chronically homeless residents in the City of Albany for the last three years, BFHP has developed a service intensive model that is a best practice. Using Housing First and Harm Reduction principles in combination with intensive and responsive case management services, BFHP has been able to house and retain housing for people who had been chronically homeless for years. Case management tailored to each client's need, daily crisis interventions and community linkages are some of the ways BFHP has used to stably housed individuals.  

Program Philosophy

The Project HOPE Case Manager will continue to use a Housing First/ Rapid Re-housing approach to maintain recently housed clients in their housing as well as house additional homeless residents of Albany. Housing First philosophy holds that people's need for housing is a basic need that should be met as quickly as possible, without any preconditions. Consistent with Housing First principals, the program uses a Harm Reduction approach when addressing both substance abuse and psychiatric issues. Harm Reduction is a set of practical strategies that reduce negative consequences of high risk behaviors, incorporating a spectrum of interventions from safer use, to managed use, to abstinence. 


Project HOPE is staffed by one full time case manager and one half time housing specialist. The program is supervised by the agency's Senior Program Manager. The agency’s Director of Client Services provides program oversight, provide supervision to Senior Program Manager and act as the contract liaison with the City of Albany. The Case Manager is reachable to clients by phone at (510) 684-2597. 


The goal of outreach continues to be engagement and relationship building to encourage participation in services and housing. Engagement can be a long process and it can take several contacts with a homeless individual before an assessment can be made by the case manager. 

Case Management will continue to assess people who are homeless focusing on tenant screening and housing retention issues. After completing the initial assessment, the case manager and client create a Housing Case Plan together. Housing plans may include referrals to other mainstream services to help people obtain and maintain housing. This could include linking to resources for medical care, mental health, domestic violence, addiction etc. 

The Housing Specialist's role includes the identification of rental units, to build relationships with landlords, and work with the client on the move in process and housing retention.

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