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2x2x2 Meeting

 Staff Meetings for City of Albany, Albany Unified School District &
University of California, Berkeley to discuss topics of joint interest.


                              2x2x2 Meeting & 2x2 Meetings

         Albany Unified School District, City of Albany, UC Berkeley

                                                  10:00 AM

                                               2x2x2 Agenda     


  1. Welcome
  2. Update: UC Village Student Housing/Development Plans (UC)
  3. Update: Emergency Preparedness and Safety (All)
  4. Update: School Construction and Temporary Relocation Plans (AUSD)
  5. Available Spaces in City or UCV for before/after programs for TK/K (All)
  6. UC Chancellor Community Grant Opportunities (UC)
  7. Future agenda items for 2x2x2 groupNext Meeting Date: July 8th 

  8.  Next Meeting Date: July 8th  

             Albany Unified School District & City of Albany 
                                         11:00 AM*  

                                      2x2 Agenda


  9. Sugar Sweetened Beverage Update and Input requested by AUSD Board (City) 
  10. Future agenda items for 2x2 group

    *The 2x2 meeting will begin following the adjournment of the 2x2x2 meeting



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