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11/14/2019 5:00pm

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Albany Police Department Community Bulletin

Catalytic Converter Theft on the Rise

Post Date:11/13/2019 11:10 AM

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There has been a rise of Catalytic Converter thefts in the Bay Area and Albany is no exception. Thieves target Catalytic Converters due to the metals contained inside, such as platinum and copper. Catalytic Converters are a vehicle emission part that removes toxins and pollutants. Thieves access them by going under a vehicle to quickly cut the Catalytic Converter off, usually using some sort of reciprocating saw. These thefts can lead to costly vehicle repairs for the owner.

 Having to go underneath the vehicle to commit the crime may be one reason trucks and very light cars such as Toyota Prius’, which can be quickly lifted with a car jack, are targeted.  Most thefts occur during the night time or early morning hours, but thefts have also occurred during the day in residential areas and retail parking areas.

Some ways you may be able to minimize your exposure to this kind of theft are:

  • Install a motion alarm on your vehicle                                                
  • Install motion lights over your driveway 
  • Park in your garage or in your driveway
  • Park in well-lit and highly visible areas

Call the police if you see or hear activity such as people working or looking underneath parked cars that seem out of place, cars stopped and running in the roadway during the night, or the sound of power tools during the night.

If you feel you could be witnessing a Catalytic Converter theft, please call 911



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