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Electronics Recycling

Post Date:11/19/2019 9:15 AM

During the holiday season, there is a spike in the number of electronic devices bought and sold…and improperly discarded. Old electronic devices should NEVER be placed in your trash or recycling bins, as many of these devices contain toxic chemicals that can leak from the landfill into groundwater and soil, contaminating our ecosystem. In fact, putting electronic devices in your trash and recycling carts is illegal in California. 

Cell Phone and Battery Curbside Collection: 

To properly dispose of cell phones or batteries curbside on your regular pickup day, put batteries or old cell phones in a clear plastic bag, seal the bag shut, and place on the top of the gray recyclables cart (not inside the cart). For more information on recycling batteries and cell phones curbside, visit the City of Albany website

Bulky Items:

Bulky item pickup is available annually to single family residents. Call Waste Management of Alameda County 1 + (510) 613-8710 to schedule your bulky pickup any time of the year. 

Recycle or Trade-In: 

Recycle electronic devices at your local household hazardous waste drop-off facility for free, or at participating stores. Many electronics retailers, including Apple, HP, Best Buy, and LG will take back old or damaged devices for recycling, and some will even offer store credit in return. Find out where to take your old electronics. 


You can also donate your old electronics to the ewasteCollective, a non-profit environmental charity committed to household electronics and computer recycling. ewasteCollective has given away thousands of refurbished electronics to schools, non-profit organizations, and others in need in the community. 

Have questions about recycling? Check out our recycling brochure or contact Albany Sustainability Coordinator Elizabeth Carrade at


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