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Large scale construction projects including but not limited to residential second story additions,  tenant improvements, and new construction are subject to plan check review for compliance with the Building Code.

Plan Check Submittal Requirements include the following: 

  • A completed building permit application 
  • 3 sets of full-size complete construction plans
  • Building plans shall bear the seal and signature of the architect or engineer responsible for their design as required by State Licensing Boards
  • One digital copy of project plans (on CD, email, or file-share) 
  • 2 sets of structural calculations
  • Completed Stormwater Requirements Checklist
  • Completed Fire Safety Requirements Checklist
  • Soils Report & Engineer's conformance letter or Soils Exemption Application 
  • 2 copies of any supporting documents (such as project manual, product specification sheets, etc.)

Please note that prior to applications being processed all requested information must be provided and the required plan check fees paid.  

Albany Fire Department Requirements: Applicants must contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at (510) 528-5775 prior to finalizing plans to determine fire prevention requirements.

More detailed submittal information for these projects can be found on the Building Permit Application Submittal Checklist

The City of Albany utilizes a third-party plan checking service.  To learn more about this service, click on the following link:

For additional questions regarding submittal requirements, please contact the Permit Technician.