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The Albany Waterfront is comprised of 190 acres of land on the eastern edge of the San Francisco Bay, offers approximately 88 acres of publicly owned parkland, including Albany Beach, Albany Bulb, and the Plateau. Much of the waterfront was created gradually from 1963 to 1983 by a landfill operation that placed construction debris progressively further out into the Bay. Its terrain has been configured by vegetation growing over the fill.

Although the site is a landfill, over time it has evolved into a natural area that supports a wide variety of migratory and resident plants and wildlife, including a variety of bird species. A large portion of the Plateau is maintained by the East Bay Regional Park District as a potential habitat for the Burrowing Owl. The Beach is a natural development generated by the interplay of tidal action and the contour of the landfill and has undergone recent restoration project by the East Bay Regional Park District. The tideland area includes the Albany Mudflats, a distinctive wetland area that is one of the most significant habitat areas in the East Bay.

The waterfront looks out on the most prominent features of San Francisco Bay, including the Golden Gate Bridge, the skyline of the City of San Francisco, and the Marin Headlands. Because of the park’s location and the fact that it provides wildness and isolation in such close proximity to an urban area, it is a regional draw for dog-walkers, artists, educators, hikers, bird watchers, cyclists, and other recreational users.

The publicly owned portions of the waterfront are owned by either the City of Albany, East Bay Regional Park District, or the State of California (and managed by the East Bay Regional Park District).  The goal is to transition the City-owned portions of the Albany waterfront to the Park District for implementation of the State Park in order to create a seamless waterfront park.

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