A shelter-in-place order is in effect for all Alameda County residents. City facilities are closed and non-essential meetings and events are cancelled.  Find more information here.

Albany Hill Evacuation Drill

As wildfire concerns intensify, the City of Albany is asking residents on Albany Hill to prepare their households for potential evacuations and also consider taking part in a City-led evacuation drill on Sunday, November 3rd.

DATE: Sunday, November 3rd

START TIME: 9:00am


This drill is confined to the following blocks:

  • 695-767 Gateview Avenue
  • 700-957 Hillside Avenue
  • 731-799 Taft Avenue
  • 700 Block of Pierce Street
  • 400, 500, & 600 Blocks of Jackson Street
  • 500 Block and the even addresses of the 600 Block on Madison Street
  • 500 Block of Adams Street
  • 1001-1009 Clay Street
  • 945-955 Castro Street
  • Odd numbered addresses of the 800 Block of Washington Avenue
  • Even numbered addresses of the 700 Block of Cerrito Street

Evacuation Area Map


Download a PDF of the evacuation area map here.


When you receive the notification to evacuate at 9:00am on November 3rd, please:

  1. Quickly grab your family’s “Go Bags” and any essentials
  2.  Safely and calmly make your way by car, by bicycle, or on foot to the designated evacuation gathering point:
    • Golden Gate Fields North Parking Lot, West end of Buchanan Street

  3. Enjoy coffee and donuts at the gathering spot and talk with City of Albany personnel and CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) volunteers.

This event will happen rain or shine. 

Please note that the evacuation gathering points given for this drill may not be the ones used in an actual fire. An actual wildfire may start anywhere, and drill locations may not be safe places, depending on the proximity of danger and other factors.   

The City of Albany encourages all residents to prepare and practice for wildfires and other disasters with the following tips.


Sign up for emergency information and evacuation notices via AC Alert, pack a "go bag" for each member of your household with the things you would need to safely evacuate, and learn more on our emergency preparedness website.


Make a plan to evacuate by foot and by car and practice using them. Plan for you and your neighbors to help each other. Make sure everyone knows to evacuate, and has a backup plan if they can't drive out.


Wildfire threats are highest on dry, windy days.  When the National Weather Service releases "Red Flag Day" notices, you will receive a notification from the AC Alert system. On those days, be careful, avoid anything that could cause a spark, and make sure your household is ready to rapidly evacuate.

The City of Albany helps people plan for, respond to, and recover from disasters. Learn more about what you can do to get ready for disasters by visiting our disaster preparedness website.

To ensure you get alerts and the latest information in an emergency, please sign up for the following: