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Our Goal: For Every Block A Block Captain!

What is an ALERT Block Captain?

ALERT stands for Albany Local Emergency Response Team and was first formed by citizen volunteers in May of 1992. ALERT is made up of neighbors who share a common goal of being prepared in the event a disaster hits. ALERT Block Captains encourage their neighbors to be prepared, get organized and learn to be self sufficient in times of large-scale disasters. Block Captains are the point of contact for these teams. They help lead in implementing neighborhood disaster response plans, organizing neighbors into functional teams that work together during a disaster. Every neighborhood is unique and has different needs; therefore every ALERT team is also unique. 

In 1997, 125 of Albany’s 190 blocks had ALERT Block Captains. Today the number has dwindled. Our goal is to have a Block Captain for every block!

Block Captain Logo

Who is my Block Captain? 

To find out who your Block Captain is in your neighborhood, you can call the Albany Fire Department.

How can I become a Block Captain?

It’s easy to become a Block Captain. The Albany Fire Department provides you with all the information and training. The Fire Department offers a training program based on the State of California-Citizen Corps called the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training Program. This class is offered in the Recreation Activity Guide and meets for eight 3-hour classes culminating in a final skills evolution that includes everything you have learned in the class.

Block Captain Duties

Scheduling is based upon demand and requires a minimum number of participants to teach certain aspects.  However, if we do not have a full course (20-28 hours) pre-scheduled, we can still help train your small group in a short amount of time. We can attend your neighborhood meeting or block party and go over the basics. Or if you have a core group of individuals who would like to learn the basic skills in addition to a basic disaster preparedness, we will work with you to schedule some training programs tailored to your group. Training is available by request and is based upon availability of training staff. A minimum number of individuals is required for some topic curriculum.

The Albany Fire Department is here to help prepare you and your neighbors organize now before the next big one hits! Together, we can make Albany a safe and prepared community!