A shelter-in-place order is in effect for all Alameda County residents. City facilities are closed and non-essential meetings and events are cancelled.  Find more information here.

The Albany Fire Department offers photoelectric smoke alarms (at cost) to the citizens of Albany.

If you are disabled or elderly, please contact the Albany Fire Department if you would like the Fire Department to install fire alarms in your home at a cost of $16 per alarm. These photoelectric alarms alert families substantially sooner than conventional smoke alarms.  Although the photoelectric smoke alarms/detectors can last longer than the 10 year warranty, it is a good idea to replace all alarms every 10 years… they are not only the best life insurance you can buy but also the cheapest.

Contact us today to make an appointment by calling during normal business hours M-F or via Email.  When requesting installation via email please specify the following:

  • Contact phone number
  • Home address
  • Number of alarms you are requesting
  • Time at which you can be contacted to schedule the installation

Check Your Smoke Alarm Batteries Every Time You Change Your Clocks!

Smoke alarms are powered by either a battery or are hardwired into your home’s electrical system. Hardwired smoke alarms are usually equipped with a backup battery. If your smoke alarm is powered by battery, the battery needs to be replaced annually unless it is a long-life battery (check the owner’s manual). All batteries should be maintained and replaced in accordance with manufacturer’s guidance. 
Choose an annual date, such as the time change, when you will remember to maintain your smoke alarm in tip top condition. Check the manufacturer’s expiration date on the label, replace the batteries if needed, and clean dust away from the slots so that smoke can enter freely. All smoke alarms, hard-wired and battery powered, should be replaced every ten years. These simple steps will help ensure that you and your family will have the best chance of surviving if fire should strike.