November Safety Message

Winter Fire Safety Tips

 heater fireThe Holidays are fast approaching and with them many potential fire risks, whether it's your holiday meal or the heating of you home. Please take the time to review the following link about thanksgiving related fires as well as the tips about heating your home below.

Kerosene Heaters

  • Be sure your heater is in good working condition. Make sure the heater has an emergency shut-off in case the heater is tipped over.
  • Never use fuel-burning appliances without proper room venting.
  • Use only the fuel recommended by the heater manufacturer.
  • Never introduce a fuel into a unit not designed for that type of fuel.
  • Keep kerosene or other flammable liquids stored in approved metal containers, in well-ventilated storage areas that are outside of the house.
  • Never fill the heater while it is operating or hot. When refueling an oil or kerosene unit, avoid overfilling. Use caution with cold fuel, for it may expand in the tank as it warms up.
  • Refueling should be done outside of the house.
  • Keep young children safely away from space heaters—especially when they are wearing nightgowns or other loose clothing that can be easily ignited.
  • When using a fuel-burning appliance in the bedroom, be sure there is proper ventilation to prevent a buildup of carbon monoxide.

 Wood Stoves and Fireplaces

  • Be sure the stove or fireplace is installed properly. Wood stoves should have adequate clearance (36”) from combustible surfaces and proper floor support and protection.
  • Wood stoves should be UL listed.
  • Have the chimney inspected annually and cleaned if necessary, especially if it has not been used for some time.

For more information please call the Albany Fire Prevention Office at 510-528-5775. Have a safe and healthy Thanksgiving.

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