Ending Homelessness In Alameda County


EveryOne Home is Alameda County's roadmap for ending homelessness. The organization emphasizes a coordinated, efficient regional response to a regional problem making the best use of the county's resources while building capacity to attract funding from federal, state and philanthropic sources.

EveryOne Home envisions a housing and services system that partners with consumers, families and advocates; provides appropriate services in a timely fashion to all who need them; and ensures that individuals and families are safely, supportively and permanently housed. To achieve those objectives, EveryOne Home uses a plan structured around five major goals that outline multi-faceted solutions for multi-dimensional problem:

  • Prevent homelessness and other housing crisis
  • Increase housing opportunities for the plan's target population
  • Deliver flexible services to support stability and independence
  • Measure success
  • Develop long-term leadership and build political will 

Point-in-Time Count - January 31, 2017, Volunteers needed
The Point-in-Time Count is conducted to understand the number of homeless individuals living throughout Alameda County. The resulting data helps to secure Alameda County's federal funding for services to end homeless and gives the community useful data for strategic, program and policy planning.