An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is a separate dwelling unit that contains independent kitchen, sleeping and bathroom facilities, and is located on a residential zoned lot, subordinate to main dwelling.  An ADU permit is required through the Planning Division.  This review is administrative with no public hearing notice.   Once the permit is approved, the applicant may apply for the Building Permit posthaste, as ADUs are not subject to appeal. 

Updated State Law 

In order to streamline the review process and help expedite ADU approval, several changes to state law were made in 2017, including: 

  • Parking Requirements - Required off street parking for ADUs are waived if the subject property is located within a half-mile of a transit stop.
  • Fire Sprinklers - If the main dwelling does not currently have a fire sprinkler system, the ADU will not be subject to installing a system. 
  • Utility Hook-Ups - Separate utility hook-ups for ADUs are considered voluntary and are not required, as the second unit can be tied into the main dwelling. 

For more information, see Accessory Dwelling Unit Handout