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Design Review 

The purpose of design review is to ensure that designs of projects that are subject to review will result in improvements that are visually and functionally appropriate to their site conditions and harmonious with their surroundings, including natural landforms and vegetation. Additional purposes of design review are to ensure that signs are consistent with the character and scale of the buildings and streets; that retention and maintenance of existing buildings and landscape features are considered; that site access and vehicular parking are sufficient; and that public policies for water conservation and solid waste management are considered in project planning. 

Design Guidelines


Review by Community Development Director

Review by Planning & Zoning Commission


Alterations or additions less than 400 square feet, except second story additions.
New construction or additions of 400 square feet or more.
 Accessory structures of 200 square feet or more.
 All second story additions.
 Any new construction or addition that significantly changes roof lines of an existing structure.
 Accessory structures greater than 120 square feet and less than 200 square feet.  All exceptions to district height limits.
 All secondary residential units.  Applications referred by Community Development Director.


Signs and awnings as follows, provided they do not involve substantial architectural alterations:

  • Projecting signs
  • Awnings (with signage)
  • Awnings (without signage)
New construction or additions of 400 square feet or more.
 Any project that changes roof lines.
 All exceptions to district height limits.
 Any project, including signs orawnings, that replaces or conceals existing exterior architectural details.
 New construction or additions of less than 400 square feet.  Master sign program.
 Minor exterior alterations, not subject to P&Z review, including materials or color changes.  Applications referred by Community Development Director.