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The City of Albany adopted the 2015-2023 Housing Element (5th Cycle) on February 2, 2015. The State Department of Housing & Community Development (HCD) certified the Housing Element on February 15, 2015.


California state law mandates that all municipal governments prepare and maintain a Housing Element as a component of their General Plans. The Housing Element is a long-range planning document that evaluates existing demographics and housing conditions in the community, and identifies the policies required to enable the community to meet its share of the demand for market rate and affordable housing in the region. 

The purpose of the Housing Element is to ensure that a safe, decent supply of affordable housing is provided for current and future Albany residents. The Element strives to conserve existing housing while providing opportunities for new housing for a variety of income groups. 

The following five sections are required in the Housing Element:

  • Review of the previous Housing Element
  • Assessment of housing needs
  • Inventory of potential sites for housing development
  • Analysis of City regulatory framework related to developing housing
  • Goals and policies for housing, coupled with specific action programs to be implemented in the coming years.

The City of Albany’s current Housing Element was approved in 1992 as part of the comprehensive update to the City’s General Plan. Since that time, draft updates have been prepared by the City and reviewed by the State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD). The recent updates, however, have not been formally adopted by the City nor approved by HCD.