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The cost and availability of housing is one of the most significant public policy issues in California. In the 2019 legislative session at least 200 pieces of legislation have been introduced on the topic. If ultimately signed into law, the legislation currently under consideration could significantly change land use regulations and how housing development applications are processed in Albany. The following organizations have prepared background information on housing policies and state legislation. It is expected that these links will be updated from time to time during the year.


Plan Bay Area - Plan Bay Area 2050 is a state-mandated long-range plan that integrates investment in transportation infrastructure to land use policies. In the Bay Area, MTC, and ABAG are jointly responsible for developing and adopting regional plan that integrates transportation, land use and housing policies and programs to meet greenhouse gas reduction targets set by the California Air Resources Board. The following is a link to the Plan Bay Area web page:


 CASA – The Committee to House the Bay Area – CASA is a steering committee established by MTC and ABAG in 2018 to develop policy recommendations to increase housing production, preserve existing affordable housing, and protect vulnerable populations from housing instability and displacement. The following is a link to the CASA web page:


 Regional Housing Needs Allocation and Housing Elements – All cities and counties in California are required to adopting housing elements as part of their General Plan. A key part of a Housing Element is the identification of housing opportunity sites adequate to accommodate housing needs in the community. ABAG allocates the housing need amongst the cities and counties within the Bay Area. The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) reviews housing elements to determine whether it complies with state law. The following is a link to HCD’s housing element web page:


The League of California Cities - The League of California Cities is an association of California city officials who work together to professional development, information sharing, and advocacy on behalf of cities on a wide spectrum of issues under consideration by state and federal policymakers. The League will be following housing legislation carefully during the year. The following is a link to the League’s housing policy advocacy web page: