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In light of the senseless death of George Floyd we have understandably received inquiries regarding the department’s policies and procedures so I want-ed to provide a response to these inquiries and help our community know where our police department stands. First off, I would like to point out that the force used on George Floyd is not something officers are trained to do, nor is the lack of compassion the officers involved showed towards Mr. Floyd. I hope you will see we have very current policies, training, and supervision in place to help carry out our duties in a way that protects all. On top of these, I believe the most important part of any organization is the culture they foster within the department. Our culture is one that believes you should treat all people with respect, compassion and dignity.

Our department policies are developed by Lexipol, which is the leading provider for public safety policy and training solutions. Lexipol ensures our depart-ment has up-to-date policies that allow us to carry out our Mission, to provide the highest quality police services through efficient and professional polic-ing. These policies are based on nationwide standards, best practices incorporating state/federal laws and regulations where appropriate; researched and written by subject matter experts and vetted by attorneys. Some of our policies are customized to meet our department’s needs and culture since I believe “one size does not fit all.” Policies are updated when changes in federal or state law occur, new equipment is purchased, new best practices are identified, and even when a typographical error is located. When a policy is updated, the police department staff must review the policy and acknowledge their review. We additionally subscribe to Lexipol’s daily training bulletin program, which ensures our personnel are consistently exposed to our policies and tested on them on a regular basis.

We have developed a Policies, Procedures and Training FAQ that we hope will answer any additional questions.

John Geissberger - Chief of Police

About the Department

The Albany Police Department is responsible for the preservation of public peace, enforcement of laws, protection of life and property, and providing police related services to the community. These responsibilities are accomplished through proactive police patroltraffic enforcement, criminal investigations, and support services activities. The police department maintains a 24-hour Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for 911 emergency police, fire, and medical dispatch, as well as routine telecommunications services for these three professional disciplines.

The department also administers the Albany Police Activities League (APAL) youth service programs. Authorized full and part-time staffing currently consists of 26 sworn peace officers, and 11 support staff. A corps of volunteer reserve officers supplements the department staff.


The Albany Police Department is comprised of two divisions-the Patrol Division and the Support Services Division. Each division is commanded by a Lieutenant, who reports directly to the Chief of Police.

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