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72-Hour Parking Violations & the Abatement Process

623 truck stopThe California Vehicle Code and the Albany Municipal Code authorize the towing of any vehicle parked or stored on a public roadway for more than 72 consecutive hours. 72 hours from the time of the issuance of a warning notice a vehicle may be subject to citation and/or may be removed and stored at the owner's expense. Moving the vehicle a short distance does not comply with the requirements of the ordinance.

If you have deferred your vehicle registration (referred to as "Plan Non-Op") your vehicle may not be parked in the public roadway. If your vehicle lacks current registration or an engine, transmission, tires/wheels, or any other part or equipment to operate safely on the highway it may be removed immediately, without warning, at the owner's expense.

Impounded Vehicles

All vehicles towed by Albany Police must have a release form issued by the Police Department before the tow company will release the vehicle. Vehicle releases can be obtained at any hour at the front counter of the Police Department.

Eligible vehicles are usually released in person to the registered owner of the vehicle at the front counter of the Police Department. Owners must have valid identification and a licensed driver must be present to obtain a vehicle release.

If the registered owner is not able to respond to APD, a notarized letter may be accepted. The letter must be signed by the registered owner, notarized and give permission to a specifically named person to receive the vehicle.

Albany Police Vehicle Release Fee is $175.00. This amount is separate from the Towing and Storage fees charged by the towing company. Recovered stolen vehicles require a release form from the Police Department, but there is no charge for the release form.