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Promoting Safe Driving Habits

With tens of thousands of people passing through the City of Albany on any given day, traffic is a major concern for the police department. One of the primary objectives for a Patrol Officer is to keep drivers on the street safe. The department has a number of resources available to accomplish our goals for safe streets.

Officers monitor trouble intersections, work speed enforcement, and use various public awareness programs to promote safe driving habits. Police maintain a fleet of patrol vehicles to accomplish this Lidar Use 1function. Some of these vehicles are equipped with radar equipment that can take accurate speed-readings from several directions.

LIDAR Device 

Albany Police Officers are also trained and equipped with laser speed measurement devices (LIDAR) for speed violation enforcement. These devices allow officers more flexibility to target individual speed law violators from greater distances.

Response & Assistance

Unfortunately, traffic enforcement does not completely eliminate problems on the roadway. Officers are requested to respond to all types of reported traffic matters. From the most serious injury traffic collisions to the very minor property damage accidents, officers respond to these calls for service to aid the public with whatever assistance they require.