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DetectivesThe Investigations Division is responsible for follow-up investigations of all reported crimes in Albany. The division detectives investigate crimes that have possible suspects or leads which might be too complex or time consuming for the initial reporting officer to accommodate in a timely manner. The division consists of two full time detectives, one detective sergeant, and is commanded by the Division Lieutenant.

The Detectives are tasked with efficiently investigating crimes to determine the relevance of innocence or guilt of those suspected of criminal activity. Each detective completes their follow-up case investigations, prepares the criminal case for court, and presents the case to the District Attorney's Office for prosecution. To accomplish their goals, the detective division utilizes surveillances, the service of arrest and search warrants, and information from the public.

The Investigations Division is also responsible for the department Court Ordered Registrant unit, and the Crime Scene Investigator Unit. These units are maintained by assigned officers along with their normal duties. The division currently has a detective working part-time with the Alameda County Narcotics Task Force.

Court Ordered Registrant Unit
The Albany Police Department currently has two officers assigned to the documentation of the court ordered registrants in the city. This documentation includes all sex registrants, arson registrants, and drug registrants. The purpose of the unit is to update each registrant's file either monthly or annually, fingerprinting the registrant, and ensuring each registrant is living within the requirements of their court order. If a registrant is found to be out of compliance within the parameters of their registration, the unit may petition for an arrest warrant to be issued. This would send the registrant back to court to face charges on the violation of their court order. For more information on sex registration refer to the Megan's Law Website.

Crime Scene Investigation Unit
The Albany Police Department has crime scene investigators who specialize in processing and collecting evidence from important locations such as a crime scene or a place of warrant service. The crime scene investigator has been through extensive training to properly gather and process the evidence for court cases. The investigator is in charge of transporting and submitting the evidence to the property division where it will be stored for the case. The crime scene investigator can also follow up in other cases by processing gathered evidence from other officers. Whether it is latent fingerprints, bodily fluids, stolen property, or electronics containing digital evidence, the crime scene investigators might be asked to perform a wide variety of functions in the performance of their duties.