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Peggy Thomsen Pierce Street Park

The five-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) provides a road map to the upcoming capital improvements in the City and helps define upcoming project funding needs. While the CIP includes the upcoming five fiscal years, the most specific part of the plan is focused on the next two years.

 2019 Sewer Improvements  Ongoing thru Winter 2019  Sewer Capital Funding 
 2019 Street Resurfacing  Ongoing thru Winter 2019

 ACTC Measures B, BB, VRF; State SB-1/RMRA

 2019 Sidewalk Repair  Ongoing   Sidewalk Parcel Tax, ACTC Measures B, BB
 Marin/Masonic Intersection Improvements  TBD   ACTC Measures B, BB
 Albany Hill Access Improvements  Fall/Winter 2019   LLAD 1996-1

The CIP is a planning tool for the Albany City Council to set goals and make policy choices. There are 35 capital improvement projects being planned or implemented during the next five-year project period. The two-year CIP total is roughly $21 million while the estimated 5-year CIP total exceeds $40 million.

The City uses a wide variety of fund sources to design and implement projects. These include local Measure F and regional, voter-approved fund sources, such as Measure B, Measure BB, and the Regional Measure F (Vehicle Registration Fee) which are administered by Alameda CTC. 

Major projects completed over the past five years include yearly sewer, sidewalk, storm drain, and street maintenance or replacement, a new Maintenance Center, Bus Stop Parklet, Community Center mechanical units, civic center improvements, Senior Center Kitchen Remodeling, Buchanan/Marin Utility Undergrounding, pothole filling, Dartmouth Tot Lot improvements, new Peggy Thomsen Pierce Street Park, Ohlone Greenway/Senior Center crosswalk, Evelyn Avenue repaving, Solano Avenue sewer rehabilitation, and Marin/Curtis intersection improvements. 

Albany’s street condition is currently in the bottom third of Bay Area cities. City Council has made investments to remedy this situation. The five-year CIP includes $8.6 million in funding for street maintenance and rehabilitation. 

The City has identified several high priority streets in Albany to reconstruct or resurface over the next four years, in service of both preserving streets in good repair and fixing streets in high need of upgrades.  Streets include portions of Jackson, Cornell, Kains, Evelyn, Marin, Ordway, Solano, Masonic, Key Route, and Carmel.