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In 2010, the City Council created the Marin Utility Undergrounding District that comprises the properties along the north side of Buchanan Street from Pierce Street to San Pablo Avenue and properties along both sides of Marin Avenue from San Pablo Avenue to Masonic Avenue. The creation of this District allowed the City to use the credits accrued under PG&E’s Rule 20A for the undergrounding of utilities on a segment of the District.

Rule 20A is an electric tariff filed with the California Public Utilities Commission. The projects performed under Rule 20A are nominated by a city or a county after consultation with utility companies. Usually, projects eligible for Rule 20A program are located in public areas and must conform to established criteria. The costs of Rule 20A undergrounding projects are recovered through future electric rates paid for by customers. 

The Utility Undergrounding project is scheduled to be implemented with the Buchanan Marin Bikeway Phase III project.