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C3 Regulated Projects

As of December 1, 2011: Stormwater treatment requirements must be met using evapotranspiration, infiltration, and/or rainwater harvesting and reuse. Where this is infeasible, landscape- based treatment measures with underdrains may be used.

Click here for an Overview of the Stormwater Quality Control Requirements

Special Land Use Category Projects and Other Development and Redevelopment Projects, as defined by provision C.3 of the MRP, are required to complete the Stormwater Requirements Checklist Form. This form will assist both the project applicant and City staff through the planning/permitting process and will help identify the pertinent stormwater requirements.

Stormwater Management Plan Content - This document contains all necessary information that must be provided on the Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) sheet when submitting plans for entitlement or building permit review. (currently under development)

Updated C.3 Technical Guidance- This provides guidance on Low Impact Development (LID) Requirements, numeric sizing calculations, using site design measures, and the hydromodification management (HM)standard.

Stormwater Treatment Measures Maintenance Agreement

A “Stormwater Treatment Measures Maintenance Agreement” (O&M Agreement) is required for all projects incorporating stormwater treatment or hydromodification management measures. A template document may be found below.

Stormwater Treatment Measures Maintenance Agreement - Use this template to start. (currently under development)

Sample Maintenance Plans and Inspection Checklists for Reference

• Extended Detention Basin Inspection Checklist

Extended Detention Basin Maintenance Plan

Pump System Inspection Checklist

Pump System Maintenance Plan

Vegetated Buffer Strip Inspection Checklist

Vegetated Buffer Strip Maintenance Plan