SidewalkRehabSign_OutlinesParcel tax funded sidewalk repairs (status as of September 2018)

Phase 1: Complete 
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Phase 2: In Process 
Phase 2 Construction will start the week of Oct. 15 and extend through the beginning of March.  The contractor is planning to repair starting with Group 1 and working in order through Group 6 (see Streets Group List below).  Please note that this is a tentative schedule, and there may be changes as needed based on conditions in the field.
Map | Property list  |  Streets Group List

Sidewalk Phase 2 Presentation to Traffic & Safety Commission – this was presented at the July 2018 Traffic & Safety Commission it includes some samples of completed work and reviews the prioritization criteria.

The City of Albany’s Sidewalk Repair Policy was adopted by City Council in June 2016 (Ordinance 2016-03).

Sidewalk 4

Sidewalks are the foundation of an effective pedestrian network. They are critical links in the transportation network providing a range of users access to commercial districts, schools, businesses, government offices, and recreation areas. As a property owner within City of Albany, you are responsible for maintaining in good condition the curb and sidewalk that borders your property. California law (Streets and Highways Code sections 5600 et seq.)  and Albany Municipal Code Chapter XIV place sidewalk repair and maintenance responsibility on the adjacent property owner. Com

promised sidewalks can be hazardous situations that run the risk of causing injury to the sidewalk user and slip-and-fall lawsuits for property owners and the City.   

To improve the quality of sidewalks in Albany, the City has embarked on a new proactive approach to sidewalk condition in the City. The City developed a program with funding from Measure P1, a parcel tax passed in November 2016, to repair the most damaged sidewalks in Albany. Albany’s Traffic and Safety Commission prioritized locations for repair based on the Active Transportation Plan’s Priority Sidewalk Network as well as the severity of the damage. This prioritization provides the  most benefit to the community by improving the City’s pedestrian infrastructure. For many years we have not had funding for citywide sidewalk repairs. We are excited to take care of the worst problems and make the community safer.


In addition to the tax-funded repairs, property owners also are authorized and encouraged to perform any necessary repairs at their expense. If a property owner chooses to repair the sidewalk, they will be required to have a licensed contractor perform the work and be responsible for obtaining

City permits and proper inspection of the repair work.

See City Standard Specifications and Standard Details for more information about City sidewalk standards. You can also view our Sidewalk FAQs.