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The Alameda County Safe Routes to Schools (SR2S) Program organizes and supports fun, educational activities that encourage families to walk, bike, carpool, and take transit to school. 


If you have questions about SR2S resources and programs at your school, including parent-led walking school buses and bike trains, please email

The City began its SR2S Program in 2007. The City partners with TransForm, a non-profit organization that administers the SR2S program in Alameda County, to deliver a variety of education and encouragement programs, including monthly Walk and Roll to School days, International Walk to School Day in October, Bike to School Day in May, the Golden Sneaker Contest in the spring, the Bike Program during P.E. and several educational presentations at each elementary school.

Marin Bike Program

Albany's SR2S Task Force, a group that includes Parent Champion volunteers from each of the three elementary schools, staff from the City, and from TransForm meets periodically to discuss upcoming programs.

The program relies heavily on our dedicated volunteers who help with events and programs throughout the year. If you’re interested in helping out with your school's SR2S programs, or becoming a Parent Champion for your school, please email

The following Albany schools are currently enrolled in the Alameda County SR2S Program: 

Albany High 
Albany Middle 
Cornell Elementary
Marin Elementary
Ocean View Elementary

Available programs at each school varies, but may include bike trains, walking school buses, and monthly Walk and Roll to School days. If you are interested in learning more about SR2S programs at your school, such as bike trains, walking school buses, and more, please email

SR2S 2020 Golden Sneaker Contest

We are excited to announce that Cornell and Ocean View will be participating in the 2020 Golden Sneaker Contest, which is a part of the Alameda County Safe Routes to Schools program. The contest, happening from February 24 to March 6 at Cornell and March 2-10 at Ocean View, encourages parents and students to reduce car trips by using active and shared transportation options such as:
· Walking
· Biking
· Skateboarding, using a scooter, or any other human-powered wheels
· Riding the school bus
· Using public transit such as AC Transit or BART
· Carpooling with other families

The Golden Sneaker Contest offers a chance for every student to participate. If you live too far from
school to walk or roll, you can:
· Park a few blocks away and walk
· Meet up with friends who live close to school and walk or roll as a group
· Start a carpool
· Take the school bus or public transit to school

As a part of the contest, your child and their classmates will track how they get to school each day. At the end of the two-week contest period, the class with the active and shared transportation will be awarded a Golden Sneaker Trophy and will celebrate their efforts with a party.

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