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The Benefits of Trees

Trees are good for communities in many ways. Trees beautify neighborhoods and increase property values. During the summer, they promote energy savings through shading. During the winter, leaves and tree basins intercept wind and water run-off and limit flooding. In addition, trees reduce noise pollution, create privacy, furnish homes for birds, supply fresh air and offset the impacts of car exhaust. Carbon sequestering in trees helps to lower the effects of global warming.

Albany’s Community Forest

Albany has approximately 5,000 publicly-owned trees (in parks and along streets). Albany strives towards being a green city. Plants and trees are a big part of that. Regular maintenance and increasing our community forest is vital to Albany. Individuals, blocks, and neighborhoods can collectively have a great impact on Albany. New construction projects generally require owners to purchase street trees to be planted in the public right-of-way adjacent to the project.

Plant a tree today!

Did you know that individual property owners can apply to have a street tree  planted by the City in the public right-of-way adjacent to their property?
  1. Review the Approved Street Tree List and pick out a tree and consult the City's Urban Forester regarding species and location
  2. Complete the Street Tree Planting Application (also available at City Hall) and bring it with the required fee to the Finance Department, at  City Hall 1000 San Pablo Avenue
  3. Staff will plant trees during the proper season and when availability allows

Once your new Street Tree is planted you agree to water the tree according to the instructions provided by the City. Keep the tree basin free of weeds and well mulched. Requests for pruning or re-staking should be submitted in a timely manner. This may be done using our online service request form. Understand the liability issues with trees (Albany Municipal Code 14-1.4 : Trees).

In turn, the City will handle pruning and care of the young street tree. Mature trees are pruned as needed. Emergency pruning is top priority. Pruning for clearances and visibility are also handled by the City of Albany.