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Albany's Creeks


There are five creeks that flow within and along Albany’s borders from the Berkeley hills to the San Francisco Bay: Cerrito, Codornices, Marin, Middle and Village. The Cerrito and Codornices Creeks serve as the northern and southern borders of Albany and traverse residential private properties from the eastern Albany border to San Pablo Avenue in a combination of buried and open channels. The City's watershed includes these five creeks along with the areas that drain into these creeks. These creeks are above ground for most of their length. These creeks are above ground for most of their length. Our urban creeks provide nature, wildlife, and recreation.

Activities that take place within the watershed, often far from the stream channel, can have tremendous impacts on the stream’s health. The watershed not only collects water but also pollutants such as car brake dust, oils, animal waste, cigarette butts, paints and solvents, fertilizers, and construction debris just a name a few. These items are transported during rain events into the storm drain system and eventually into our streams and the bay. The City's Clean Water/Urban Runoff Program is designed to help protect our local waterways, watershed, and prevent pollution. Find out more about the City's programs and resources below. 

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