The City of Albany enjoys one of the highest waste diversion rates in the county thanks to ourOrganics active recyclers in the residential community. The City provides both residential collection services for recycling (commingled “all-in-one” recycling), organics (food scraps and yard waste), and trash. 

Try these food scraps collection techniques:

  • Keep a paper bag alongside you in the kitchen while cooking and after the meal. Scrape all your food scraps into the paper bag instead of the trashcan. Take it out to your organics container during dish washing.
  • Empty milk container? Rinse it out, cut the top and use it as a catchall in the kitchen to take out to the organics container when it is full.
  • Pizza night? Bulky pizza boxes clogging up your trashcan? Well, here is a way to keep your trashcan space – toss those pizza boxes into the organics cart!
  • Newspaper delivery? Use already read newspaper to wrap up your food scraps. It is easier to carry to your green organics cart and less messy.
  • “Paper or Plastic?” Using plastic bags to collect your food scraps? Don’t use them! Plastic can’t be composted. Plastic leads to contamination of the organics material, making it impossible to compost. So next time say “Paper” if you’d like to use bags to collect your food scraps before placing in the green organics container
  • Multi-Family Dwelling Units: Technical Assistance is available for multi-family units to help encourage increased recycling and organics services. The City can provide internal collection containers for each unit, workshops, trainings, and assist with obtaining the appropriate sized waste containers for your facility.