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The City of Albany is Committed to Reducing Water Use

The City of Albany has taken proactive measures to conserve water. Many water conservation practices currently in place within the City have been ongoing for some time, and additional conservation measures are planned for implementation in the near future.

City staff works with the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) to conduct water audits to ensure ongoing compliance with conservation measures. Staff will continue to work with EBMUD regarding water conservation, and also to further encourage additional efforts to increase the pace of supplying access to recycled water for irrigation via the “purple pipe” that has yet to reach the City. 

Council Action 
On May 18, 2015, the Albany City Council adopted Resolution 2015-23 approving execution of a pledge to partner in saving water with EBMUD and committing to a citywide water conservation program

City Programs 
Water conservation has been and continues to be an ongoing priority for the City, as depicted by the following conservation measures that have been implemented to date: 

City Facilities

  • Ongoing installation of water efficient fixtures in restroom facilities
  • Water conservation signage installed in all restroom facilities
  • Educational information on the City’s website, eNewsletter and other outreach efforts
  • Coordination with local agencies and nonprofit organizations conducting water conservation educational outreach

Community Development Department

  • Implemented State Mandates including: adoption of a Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance in 2010 requiring utilization of water efficient bay-friendly landscaping in development projects; and enforcement of SB 407 in 2014, which requires water efficient fixtures be installed when a single family home is upgraded.
  • Assistance to entities aiming to implement creative water reduction measures including approval of the installation of an artificial track material at Golden Gate Fields that has reduced water use in the City by 20 million gallons a year; and consultation to those seeking construction of greywater systems.

Fire Department

  • “Hose training” will be done simulating the use of water if at all possible. Mandatory training drills and hose testing can be accomplished using only enough water to fill the hose to achieve the desired effect for training/testing purposes.
  • All “garden” hoses outside of stations are fitted with shut off nozzles.
  • Fire apparatus will be cleaned by wiping down the apparatus with a damp towel if at all possible.
  • Fire apparatus floor will be cleaned by sweeping or using a damp mop.
  • Department staff does not demonstrate the use of water during station tours or other public education events.
  • Hydrant inspection/testing will be completed without flowing water.

Public Works Department/Landscaping & Parks

  • Compliance with all State mandates for water conservation
  • 25% reduction in irrigation Citywide
  • Utilization of mulch to reduce water evaporation
  • Inspection of sprinkler systems to prevent overspray and runoff
  • Working with EBMUD for supply of “purple pipe” (recycled water for landscaped areas)
  • Utilization of hoses with shut-off valves when washing vehicles
  • Utilization of alternative measures other than water, to clean driveways, sidewalks, patio and other hard surfaces