Commission Origin

Albany Municipal Code, Section 2-17 (Ordinances #58-042 and #75-04)

Commission Purpose

The Park & Recreation Commission advises the City Council on all matters of public recreation, public park facilities and public landscaping (including street trees and parkways) in the City; Formulate (review) the Master Plan for recreation; Make recommendations to the City Council regarding the acquisition and maintenance of parks, playgrounds and recreation centers; and, Promote recreation and encourage public agencies and private parties to develop recreational facilities and programs that benefit the citizens of Albany.

Commission Composition 

7 Members  Members/Term: 5 Council Appointees, one by each Council Member, whose term runs until the next Municipal election (two years), 2 Board of Education Appointees - Two-year staggered terms

Member Appointed By
Tod Abbott Council Member Barnes
Bryan Marten Council Member Nason
Eugene Romero Council Member Maass
Alene Pearson Mayor McQuaid
Julia Chang Frank Vice Mayor Pilch
Hillary Sardinas Board of Education
Harriet Patterson Board of Education

(Roster updated  4/12/18)

Contact Parks & Recreation Commission

Correspondence sent to the Committee is part of the official public record and will be sent to the Committee via the Staff Liaison.

City of Albany Parks & Recreation Commission
c/o Chelle Putzer
1249 Marin Avenue
Albany, CA 94706
Email Staff Liaison, Chelle Putzer

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