Tentative Schedule for Major Agenda Items to be Considered at Upcoming City Council Meetings

 Agenda Item / Subject  Anticipated Presentation Date
 Sign Ordinance  November - December 2019
 Open Space/Creeks (PROS)  Annually - Fall/Winter (December 2019)
 Ballot Measure Discussion (Charter/Revenue Measures)  November 2019 - Summer 2020
 City Council Strategic Plan Status Update  Winter (February 2020)
 Seismic Retrofit Ordinance  Spring (March 2020)
 SAHA Project Development Agreement  Spring (April 2020)
 Sugar Sweetened Beverage Tax Study Session  Annually - (April 2020)
 Capital Improvement Projects Update  Annually - Spring (May 2020)
 Parks/Facilities (PROS)  Annually - Spring (May 2020)
 Mid-Year Budget Update  Annually - Summer (June 2020)
 San Pablo Avenue Planning  Fall (September 2020)