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What is a Poet Laureate? 
The honorary position of Poet Laureate is given to a local writer who is currently active producing, sharing and promoting poetry in our community. The Poet Laureate represents the City of Albany and our commitment to the poetic arts. 

What does the Poet Laureate do?
The Poet Laureate writes poems throughout each year and participates in community events, education, and readings. Each term as Albany Poet Laureate you will be expected to:

1. Publicly present to the City at least 3 new poems per year for public occasions of your choice (such as Arbor Day, Memorial Day Services, July 4th, and Dinner with Albany).
2. Hold at least one free public youth poetry event per year, which may include workshops during or after school, poetry slams, or readings.
3. Offer a public reading of your work and (if you so desire), that of other poets. This may be at the Albany Library or another designated venue.

Length of Appointment: The appointment of Poet Laureate is for 2 years, with an option for renewal.

Please Contribute
The Poet Laureate Program is administered by the Albany Arts Committee and funded by generous donations from the community. The Albany Arts Committee intends to build a substantial fund that will eventually enable the Albany Poet Program to become self-sustaining. The Poet Laureate Fund will cover the costs of honoraria, publicity, publications, and other related Program expenses. Please become a patron of the Albany Poet Laureate Program by making a donation of any amount to the Poet Laureate fund.

Send your contribution to:
Albany Poet Laureate Program
c/o Albany Arts Committee
1249 Marin Avenue
Albany, CA 94706

All contributions meet the IRS requirements for charitable deductions.