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Featured Project - Opening Celebration March 27, 6:00 PM

The installation of Albany Loop, a public art project approved by the City Council in January 2018 at the corner of San Gabriel and Portland Avenues. Albany Loop is an interactive public art piece that transforms the area into an iconic and memorable space.  Read more about the Albany Loop here.



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Herons Sculpture  

Ferretti's Cove

Sculpture, Metal by Mark Canepa, 1999
City of Albany in conjunction with State Coastal Conservancy, Albany Waterfront-$10,000
Albany Bulb, end of Buchanan St.


"The Cove"
Sculpture, Recycled Solano Ave Sidewalk
by Carlo Ferretti, 1999
City of Albany Water Front Art Project
Albany Bulb, end of Buchanan St.

Ocean View Wave Rose  

Memorial Park Art

"Rose Wave"
Sculpture by Colin Lambert & Peter Adams, 2007
Ferro-cement and stucco. The wave and petal forms of this sculpture honor the Gill Family rose nursery and the original name of Albany. Albany Arts Committee, Art in the Parks Project-$17,449
Ocean View Park,
900 Buchanan Street


"Long Song"
Earthwork by Gina Telcocci, 2007
Earth and concrete. This earth sculpture honors the service of veterans and citizens. Albany Arts Committee, Art in the Park Project-$24,449
Memorial Park,
1325 Portland Avenue

Terrace Mural  


"Tile Mural"
By Josef Norris, 2007
Glass and ceramic tile. This mural honors the history of the Terrace Park neighborhood and the city with images from the past and present, including dozens of tiles hand painted by the community. Albany Arts Committee, Art in the Park Project-$9,449
Terrace Park, Tevlin & Terrace Drive



Public Art is artwork in the public realm, and can include all types of objects, from sculptures, paintings and mosaics to manhole covers, paving patterns and other functional elements created by an artist. Public Art creates a sense of space and improves the quality and design of buildings, streetscapes and public places, giving a stronger feeling of identity.

There are many approaches to Public Art. The traditional approach of placing stand-alone sculptures, murals or other artworks in buildings, plazas or parks is one methodology. Another is to blur the boundaries between art, architecture and landscape, allowing artists to work as part of the project design team with the architects, engineers and landscape architects.

The Art in Public Places Ordinance establishes a mechanism for funding public art in Albany. The ordinance requires that certain public and private construction projects either include a Public Art element or provide an in-lieu fee for public art elsewhere.

Any public or private development with a Construction Cost greater than $300,000 (as calculated by the City of Albany) must include a Public Art component equal to 1.75% of the total construction costs. If there is not a possible public space for Public Art at the project site, the development must then make a contribution equal to 1.75% of project costs to the Public Art Fund.