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Albany Hill FAQ - Environmental Protection & Wildfire Mitigation Related Questions



1.  What is being done to protect the Monarch Butterfly habitat?

Albany Hill is recognized as a roosting site for Monarch Butterflies. The City has retained an expert in Monarch Butterflies to prepare an analysis of the habitat and to review any City-related work on Albany Hill to ensure that clustering sites are not compromised. The following is a link to the Monarch Butterfly Habitat Assessment.


2.  What is the Fire Department doing to mitigate risk of wildfire?

The Fire Department, in conjunction with the Public Works Department and the Golden Gate Hill Development Corporation, has an annual vegetation management project to reduce fire danger on private and City owned properties. This includes cutting grasses, trimming low tree branches, removing dead leaves, branches and bark on the ground, and thinning dense areas of brush. The work also includes maintaining access routes for Fire Department apparatus. All vegetation management work follows guidelines in the Albany Hill Creekside Master Plan.

The property owner has hired a landscape company to begin wildfire safety mitigation work on the property. They will be working in the area for many months to bring the property up to the Albany Hill Creekside Master Plan standards. All private property owners on Albany Hill are required to abide by the 2012 Albany Hill Creekside Master Plan as it relates to fire safety.