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Albany Hill FAQ - Park Related Questions



1.  What is the Albany Hill Master Plan?

The Albany Hill Creekside Master Plan approved in 2012 discusses vegetation management with an emphasis on fire prevention and fuel management measures. It also identified potential improvements to access and circulation, trail maintenance, signage, benches, and viewing corridors. The following is a link to the 2012 Albany Hill Creekside Master Plan. In addition, for historic reference, attached is a link to the original Albany Hill Creekside Master Plan approved in 1991.


2.  What is the Albany Hill Access Improvement Project?

The Albany Hill Access Improvements Project involves design and construction of trail improvements to the Albany Hill Park including construction of an ADA compliant trail from the parking area at the end of Taft Street to the summit. Detailed project information was reviewed by the City Council on January 22, 2019. The following is a link to the City Council Meeting agenda materials on 1/22/ 2019 (scroll down to see Item 8-1).


3.  Can the City purchase the private property and designate it as a park?

According the real estate listing, the owners are asking $10 million for the property. If the City were to attempt to acquire the property, a real estate appraisal would be required to determine fair market value. (See also FAQ Question 7.  Can the City change the zoning? on the Property Ownership and Development Questions page)


4.  Are there voter approved funds available for acquisition of the property?

In 1996, voters approved a Lighting and Landscape Assessment District tax. 50% of the tax revenues were to be allocated for improvements, maintenance, and acquisition of property on Albany Hill. Every year since voter approval, the City Council has held a public hearing on the use of the funds. To date, the City has purchased 6 acres of privately-owned parcels on the east side of the hill with Measure R funds. As of December 2019, $2,800,000 of Measure R funds are available, of which 50% could be used for Albany Hill.