2019 Business License Renewals
Business License Renewal Notices have not yet been mailed.  While the renewals are normally due January 31st, there will be a grace period for payment before interest and penalties are applied after the notices have been mailed.  If you would like to pay your renewal prior to receiving the notice, the 2019 amount due is available.  Please contact the Finance Department and we can provide the 2019 renewal amount. 

 As background, the Finance Department is in the process of updating the notice in an effort to make the notice easier to read/understand.  Unfortunately, the update is not yet complete.  We apologize for any inconvenience this delay may cause.

 The website will be updated once notices have been mailed.


In order to do business in Albany, you need to obtain a business license.  Business license applications are available at the Finance Department at City Hall located at 1000 San Pablo Avenue. 

Plan on getting the license within 15 days of commencing business in order to avoid late penalties and interest.  City staff will assist you through this process which will require approval from Community Development and Environment Services, Building Inspection, and Fire Department.  

Additional information is provided in the City of Albany Municipal Code, Chapter V, Chapter 5.

Types of Business License:
  • Albany Business
  • Non Albany Contractors/Other Business
  • PO Box Address
  • Rental Property
  • Home Occupation
  • Massage Establishment
  • Taxicab