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The Cleveland Avenue/ Eastshore Highway Redevelopment Area was established by the Albany Community Reinvestment Agency in June of 1998. The project area encompasses approximately 107 acres of land on the west edge of the City of Albany. Of these 107 acres, the majority of the area is occupied by Interstates 80/580, their access ramps and other local roadways. There is a net area of approximately 37 acres that is developed or capable of supporting development. The redevelopment area is comprised of two distinct sections, bisected by and accessible from Buchanan Street. 

In November of 2010, the Albany Community Reinvestment Agency adopted an implementation plan for the upcoming five year period.  The adopted plan, and attachments are listed below:

History of the Redevelopment Area
Light industrial uses were historically the primary land use type in the Redevelopment Area, going back to the late 1800's, when dynamite and gun powder factories were established in the vicinity of Cleveland Avenue and the existing railroad was constructed along the east edge of the area. The pre-existing buildings in the Redevelopment Area date back to the 1940s and 1950s. The introduction of Interstates 80 and 580 resulted in the existing roadway configurations. Eastshore Highway now serves as a frontage road and the Interstate 80/ Buchanan St. interchange functions as Albany's primary access to the highway system.

Current Conditions

Eastshore Highway Section
The Eastshore Highway Section is the southern portion of the Redevelopment Area. The primary access to this section is from Buchanan St, as well as from Berkeley to the south via Gilman St. There are approximately four 1950s and 1960s-era buildings fronting Eastshore Highway starting at the Albany - Berkeley border. The remainder of the Eastshore Hwy Section has had significant redevelopment occur in recent years.

  • Target, Inc constructed a 165,000 sq ft two-story retail facility on a 10 acre site that was previously a heavy industrial use site. The finished site includes a 6,000 square foot "flex-site" that is available for development
  • The vacant industrial building at 1025 Eastshore Hwy was renovated into a 27,000 sq ft facility that is currently being used for automobile sales and service
  • PetsMart renovated the vacant manufacturing building at 1001 Eastshore Hwy (the northern boundary of the Eastshore Hwy Section) into a 24,000 sq ft retail facility

Cleveland Avenue Section
Light industrial uses remain the primary land use type in the Cleveland Avenue Section. The primary access to this section is from the exit off of Interstate 80 and also to the north from Richmond, via Central Avenue. Indirect access is possible from Solano Ave. and Buchanan St. in Albany.

Recent redevelopment in the Cleveland Avenue Section includes:

  • The southernmost building in the Cleveland Ave Section (600 Cleveland Ave) was renovated to allow an approximately 14,000 sq ft retail use with adjacent parking.

Redevelopment Area Contacts
To receive additional information regarding the Redevelopment Area, please contact the following staff members: