Friday Night Mini-Season - Only 6 nights!

Kickball, originally known as “kick-baseball“, is a sport homegrown in the U.S.A. – Ohio! The play is similar to baseball, but without the complications of bats and gloves – just your fleet feet and spirit. Come out and play!

Spring league begins April 5, 2019 (April - July)

Co-Ed Kickball League

Registration: Spring registration starts Thursday, February 4, 2019, @ 9:30 am; NEW! Register your team online or in person at the Albany Community Center
Dates: April through June, 2019: Single Round Robin season plus playoffs. Dates may be subject to changes

Friday: 3 games per night, 7:15 pm, 8:20 pm, 9:25 pm

Game Location:

Ocean View Park, 900 Buchanan Street, Albany


$400 per team

Equipment:  Bring a solid pair shoes with good ankle support and traction
Space Available:  Minimum 4 teams, Maximum 6 teams
Schedule & Standings: Posted  on  Facebook and sent to the Captains

Rules of Play

No smoking or alcohol in the park (AMC)