Bike Share FAQ

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  • Bike Share

    • A LimeBike is blocking the sidewalk, what do I do?

    • Can I ride a LimeBike outside of Albany?

    • Do I need to wear a helmet when riding LimeBike?

    • How do I contact LimeBike customer service?

    • How do I end a LimeBike ride?

    • How do I find a LimeBike near me?

    • How do I reserve a LimeBike?

    • How does LimeBike compare with other bike sharing operators?

    • How much does it cost to ride a LimeBike and how do I pay for it?

    • How much does LimeBike cost the City? Or does LimeBike pay the City?

    • I see a broken LimeBike, what do I do?

    • What is LimeBike doing about people and young riders that do not wear helmets?

    • What is LimeBike?

    • Where should I park my LimeBike? Does it go in a bike rack?

    • Why isn’t Albany using the bike sharing programs offered in other cities like Oakland and San Francisco?