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May 2006
Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting May 23, 2006

  • Meeting Minutes 

City Council Meeting, Monday May 1, 2006
8-2. Waterfront Planning.

April 2006
City Council Meeting, Monday, April 3, 2006
7-2. Waterfront Planning Process.

March 2006
City Council Meeting Monday, March 20, 2006
8-1. Waterfront Planning Process.

  • Staff Report
  • Attachment - Initiative

    Staff recommendation: That Council provide feedback to staff on alternative approaches to waterfront planning, and consider directing staff to take next steps in initiating a waterfront planning constraints analysis.

February 2006
City Council Meeting Monday, February 6, 2006
6-3. Receive presentation from the Citizens for Albany Shoreline.

7-1. Golden Gate Fields property.

  • Staff Report
  • Michael Zischke Bio

    Staff recommendation:

    1) Receive and discuss information regarding the City process for review of the anticipated application from Caruso Affiliated for development on the Golden Gate Fields property.

    2) Provide staff with direction on the televising of City Commission meetings regarding the Caruso proposal.

October 2005
City Council Meeting October 10, 2005 and October 17, 2005
6-1. Golden Gate Fields Property.

Staff recommendation:

1. Receive a staff-prepared Fact Sheet and other information on Golden Gate Fields, request any additional information, and direct staff to post the fact sheet on the City's web site in a location designated for City documents and information on the Golden Gate Fields property.

2. Direct staff to establish a consultant team to advise the City on the Golden Gate Fields property; this team would cover areas such as law, land use and park planning, economics, environmental review, and any other specialized services that pertain to a potential development application, property acquisition, community plan development, and/or other processes directed by the City Council.

3. Authorize staff to establish a reimbursement agreement with Caruso Affiliated to pay for the City's staff time and consultant services related to its anticipated upcoming submittal of a proposal for development on the Golden Gate Fields property.